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Birds,Wires etc/ Why Ireland Failed to Qualify for World Cup 2018



Why Ireland Failed to Qualify for World Cup 2018

On the day my brother and I
organized a soccer game
on the playing fields
of Oatlands College,
Mount Merrion, Dublin,
an assault of Christian Brothers
descended from the big house
like a murder of crows
their black soutanes flapping
in the wet winter breeze
descended with one aim
and one aim only –
to remove the scourge
of this foreign game
from the green Catholic fields
of Ireland.




Sand Martins and Martinets (a Day at the Seaside), Redux.

Sand martins and martinets
martinets in the sand
martinets and marionettes
a holiday wind

yesterday’s perm
all blown to hell
a sister spreads oil
on her arms and legs

transistor blaring
Bobby Kennedy’s dead
cold water nipping at his block and tackle
his meat and two veg.

Image courtesy of Paul at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Looking at the snow outside, I thought I’d  re-post this one.