Short Unsolicited Advice on Writing Poetry


Short Unsolicited Advice on Writing Poetry

write long poems on short days
short poems on long days
you don’t need a drummer
but you do need rhythm
avoid melodrama
your head cannot explode all the time,
there is uncharted territory
between ecstasy and despair
look after your images
they should splash like cold water
on the reader’s face
observe, always observe.



Taking part in Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Writing Poetry



14 thoughts on “Short Unsolicited Advice on Writing Poetry

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  3. Steve Simpson

    Awesome advice Jim (sorry to be passé) but really. My head explodes and only gives me a headache. Like middle path advice. Perhaps it’s possible to oscillate so rapidly between the extremes that you appear to be in the middle? That’s my forlorn hope. 😜


      1. Steve Simpson

        My pleasure, Jim. To be sadly honest, I actually do oscillate between blind obedience and doing exactly the opposite with advice I get. The advantage of these strategies is that they both avoid any need to think. 😜

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