The Daily Prompt is dead, long live…..


The Daily Prompt is dead, long live…..

Suddenly at the end of May, the Daily Prompt disappeared from the blogosphere just when I was getting to know it. Frankly, I miss it. I didn’t respond on a daily basis but every now and then, a prompt would fire my imagination (I can’t get no..) and I would write a poem that I would never have written without that prompt. So here is a haiku to lament the passing of the Daily Prompt.

In Memoriam: the Daily Prompt

left bereft, promptless
stalled and stumped and paralysed
how can we go on?

But all is not lost, I have noticed a few bloggers out there are trying to fill the gap, and I would like to throw my hat into that ring. The difference is I will be offering prompts that are not actual words, but words that I have made up. Today’s word is “brattitude”. As in…..

“The dress has that swaggering catwalk brattitude we have come to expect from a Karl Aufderfelt design.”

Since I do not want to sully the memory of the Daily Prompt, I have struggled to come up with an alternative name. I thought maybe, the Daily Prod, but some of my friends in Belfast might mistake it for a sectarian bulletin. I toyed with the Daily Prick but abandoned it for obvious reasons. I finally settled on the Daily Jolt, like a shot of caffeine, a creative laxative. (This post is like a bowling ball that keeps veering towards the gutter.)
So give it a go, hit me with your best shot, post something inspired by the jolt word “brattitude”, link back to this blog and I will list a link to your post here. Or simply post a comment here.

By the way, it’s very unlikely that I will have the imagination or application to do this on a daily basis, so the Daily Jolt will probably be occasional.



9 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt is dead, long live…..

  1. Steve Simpson

    I like your thinking, Jim. For me, once a week, it is basically as you described in your haiku: caffeine, panic, Pinot, despair, and repeat. I am also blessed with a complete inability to use prompts. In fact, at the writers group I occasionally attend, where there are typically five words to be used, I use none. If I tried to use “brattitude,” even though it is an excellent word, I would simply stress out, write nothing, and open another bottle of Pinot.

    Admittedly, looking back at my comment, I appear to have used the word successfully on this occasion.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Yes, Steve, you are now officially the first person outside this blog to use “brattitude” in a sentence and all it took was a bit of brattitude. Also you might try a balls forward cab instead of the Pinot.

      Liked by 1 person

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