The Daily Jolt Returns for a Day



The Daily Jolt Returns for a Day

And the Jolt word of the day is: “frumpet”.

This word comes courtesy of Eilene Lyon and is an actual word, she explains it all in her excellent post “La Concion es la Cosa” .

The challenge is to use the word in a post, make up a meaning for it if you like, for example:

A Soccer Hooligan’s Diary

11p.m., a pub somewhere in England

Kev says he fancies a bit of frumpet
says he’s tired of skinny fit girls
says they’re all angles, bone and gristle;
comfort is what Kev wants, comfort.


Daily Jolt Update

Response to the last jolt world, “brattitude”, did not exceed my expectations, although the incomparable Steve Simpson did inadvertently use it in a comment on the post. “Incomparable”, see that’s the kind of publicity you get if you participate in The Daily Jolt. So muster up a bit of brattitude and give it a go.

Link your post to this blog or post a comment  with a link to your post, if you like.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Jolt Returns for a Day

  1. Steve Simpson

    As a sincere man from where the palm trees grow (Guantanamera’s claim to fame, the silliest line in a song) I want to thank you from the bottom of my frumpet, Jim. Your unparalleled publicity no doubt will lead me to the success that my mother always told me I didn’t deserve. BTW I did check and the musical Eilene is absolutely right; sadly, the brass instrument definition is the least popular in the urban dictionary.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      now you’ve made me look up the lyrics to “Guantanamera”! Re your mother, she wasn’t Irish was she? There’s something familiar about her appraisal. Thanks for the frumpet reference, I just had one for breakfast.

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      1. Steve Simpson

        It’s actually a beautiful song (unless I’m singing it after irresponsible consumption of alcohol). No, part Scottish, but I think it’s pretty widespread. You welcome, Jim, of course you did.

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