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Cherry Blossoms Bloom (3 haiku)

IMG_1054 (2)

Cherry Blossoms Bloom


cherry blossoms bloom

well-dressed ladies from Beijing

pose with hand on hip


cherry blossoms bloom

the air is sticky with greed

houses, for sale, sold.


cherry blossoms bloom

the wrecking ball’s lazy swing

petals, debris, spring.

These 3 poems appeared separately in Spring of last year, I thought they worth assembling together. They are probably the only poems ever written about cherry blossoms and the Vancouver Real Estate Market.

Rust/ The Irish Dilemma/ Radiohead



The Irish Dilemma (a slimverse)

we can not

decide if

we are blessed

or damaged.


Radiohead (a triku)

The night howls, fog curls

a thin cloud bisects the moon

at the graveyards’ edge


an abandoned well

from the bottom of that well

Thom Yorke cries for help.


The dead wake slowly

grey fists punch through mounds of earth

Thom Yorke cries for help.


Autumn (2 haikus)



a clear day in fall

a call from the governor

a pardon granted.



trees leaking colour

like a paint store catalogue

et tu, chlorophyll?


This poem has formed and re-formed since I started this blog, I think this is the last re-incarnation.


Photo: Chlorophyll molecule (Chlorophyll-a-3D-vdw, licensed under public domain)

12 Syllables that Shook the World

Well, after a brief diversion into haikuland, April – Month of Slim returns with the first sighting of slimverse outside of North America (well, actually, outside of this blog) and it comes from Stiofan O’Broin   (over in Ireland/ Italy ?) who shows a complete mastery of the form in his first attempt! Here it is:


a slimverse

is an odd



On closer examination, this is actually a poem in which the poem is the subject of the poem itself, a kind of poetic selfie. It’s like writing a sonnet about a sonnet, or a haiku about a haiku. For example:


haiku: seventeen

ineffable syllables

five, seven and five.


I think we’ll call it a“ Narcissus”.

Here’s a vaguely related blast from the past from Slim:


The Pre-Selfie Years (a slimverse)

fifteen years

ago, no

one could spell



(Be sure to check out Stiofan’s blog, it’s an eclectic mix of poetry, Irish politics and music and always interesting.).


The Mountmellick Haiku Festival

Last year Slim entered 2 haikus in the Mountmellick Haiku Festival. He finished 9th and 10th in the non-starter category. See blog post “Poet’s Corner 2”.

Since then he has learnt how to count syllables and has made some revisions.

Let’s not dwell on what might have been.

Haiku 9

pink cherry blossoms

resting on a red car hood

petal to metal.

Haiku 10

San Diego Zoo

a large baboon bends over

it’s late afternoon.

Poet’s Corner 2

Our resident poet, Slim Volume, has just returned from the Mountmellick Haiku Festival where he finished 9th and 10th in the non-starter category with the following haikus:

Haiku 9

Cherry blossoms

Pink on my hood

Petal to metal

Haiku 10

San Diego Zoo

Baboon bending over

Late afternoon

Congratulations, Slim.