Haiku written while painting a room…

Haiku written while painting a room…

haiku written while painting a room
searching for a transcendent metaphor
thinking someday maybe I could write
inspirational poetry like rupi kaur

you are
what you
are meant
to be

that kind of thing
do a book signing at Indigo
start a line of greeting cards
anything’s possible, really,
if once, just once I could resist
the impulse to be a smartass
……the haiku:

classic grey, cloud white
super eggshell for the walls
flat for the ceiling.

4 thoughts on “Haiku written while painting a room…

  1. Steve Simpson

    And yet I think it’s very original, very real, and a true pleasure to read, Jim. I have painted, I do it badly and I hate it. Neva will I write poetry about it. There is probably a moral.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Hey thanks Steve…yep, painting is a pain, it all started with me making a comment that that room needed freshening up… a slip of the tongue caused, of course, by, yes, alcohol.

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