End of Summer double septo

IMG_1330 (2)

End of Summer double septo 

like a wasp in late August
circling a bin of regrets.

This poem is a double septo also known as a quatorze, it consists of two seven syllable lines. Sometimes, I find that the five syllable lines in a haiku create a flatness, a po-faced solemnity…wasp in late August…too much oracle not enough bounce. A seven syllable line allows room for rhythm.

Obviously, I made up the double septo bit. Recently I wrote a quadrille as part of a dVerse prompt and it got me thinking about arbitrary verse forms. A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, it doesn’t get more arbitrary than that.

5 thoughts on “End of Summer double septo

  1. Steve Simpson

    For me, that would have to be a large bin. Perhaps wasps regret being wasps. Enjoyed the words and the photo, Jim. I agree about Haikus/ I like your rhythm, I am keen on rhythm, especially samba. I haven’t read up on any of this, but I wonder whether the Japanese origin of Haiku, and the lack of stresses on syllables in Japanese as compared to English and other languages, is relevant.



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