There’s Nothing Like Being



There’s Nothing Like Being

There’s nothing like being
in a crowded bar
in a foreign city
on a Friday evening
just after five
and you don’t know anyone
but it doesn’t matter
and you can’t speak the language
but it doesn’t matter
it’s enough to be there
to breathe in the relief
to share the belief
that Monday morning
is a life time away.


The prompt over at dVerse is to write a poem about movement, where am I going, where have I been.

16 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Like Being

  1. memadtwo

    That’s a great feeling…of course these days a weekend off is a dream for many. I’m so glad most of my working career took place before cell phones. (K)


  2. Gospel Isosceles

    I suppose ‘happy hour’ transcends all national and cultural barriers. This reminds me of a few of your other poems on the good feelings of being elsewhere. Glad you can so easily feel home just about anywhere:)

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