Americano Misto (kyoka)

IMG_1181 (3)


Americano Misto

the girl in Starbucks
fails to praise my awesome choice
nor does she inquire

’bout the progress of my day
I feel oddly unaffirmed.


Continuing with coffee-related poems (see previous post), another one for Frank Tassone’s challenge over at dverse.

I originally posted this as a tanka, but on reading Franks’s very informative post, I realized I may be writing kyoka’s.


5 thoughts on “Americano Misto (kyoka)

  1. Steve Simpson

    Steering clear of the political elephants rampaging everywhere, this and the previous piece caught my eye: compact and insightful. People occasionally complain to me along the lines of: “she wouldn’t stop talking”, “same old, same old,” “such nonsense,” etc, but I suspect they are secretly pleased that someone affirmed their existence by talking to them.

    I rarely bend anyone’s ear (except for the internet, which doesn’t count đŸ˜¸) but I’ve also felt the affirmation you described, and it doesn’t matter whether they have ulterior motives or not. Nicely done, Jim.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Thanks Steve, good to hear from you. I think those political elephants may have left the game park, 5 days ago I found myself with nothing left to say, or at least, nothing original to say!

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