Not All Protests Are Equal (poem)


looking at me (2)

Not All Protests Are Equal

Put on your balaclava
shine up the old AK
you have an inalienable right to be stupid
no one can take that away,

storm a government building
occupy a city square
wear your camouflage jacket
there’s revolution in the air.

But, just a word of caution
it’s a cruel world out there
the virus has no politics
the virus doesn’t care.

That could be you on a ventilator
or wrapped up in a bag
that AK won’t help you
neither will the flag

So do us all a favour
it’s not that much to ask
stay at home, leave it alone
and get your head out of your ass.


The theme of the week over at earthweal  is “protest in a time of pandemic”. Check it out here….

Also taking part in Open Link Night over at dverse.


18 thoughts on “Not All Protests Are Equal (poem)

  1. Sherry Marr

    Jim, I’m so glad you wrote to this. My original photo for the prompt was those guys with the assault rifles on the steps of the state capital, but we changed it. So crazy that people hate others protesting for actual rights and freedoms, and the survival of us as a species, but decide protesting is fine when it comes to protective measures against the virus. It boggles the mind, Your poem is spot on. Yay. I LOVE that bird picture! So cute.

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