Landline (for Dad)

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Landline (for Dad)

Sometimes, I think
I should text my dad
give him an update
tell him where I’m at.
Not that he would answer
he’s been gone a few years now
and even if he were alive
texting would hardly be his thing;
at the turn of the century
he was still approaching
what we now call a ‘landline’
with some trepidation.

Landline: a rope
uncoiling towards the shore.

He once told me
that when we have children
we begin to understand
our own parents better
so I think my text
would be an attempt
to let him know
that, yes, dad,
I am finding this
to be true.

The theme from Merrill over at dverse is “connections”, so thought I would add this one to the mix.

21 thoughts on “Landline (for Dad)

  1. Carol Congalton

    Yes this is true indeed. I remember often my mother would say that one day I would see things how she saw them and that has been proved correct. I would love to be able to tell her that now I understand but she passed away a few years ago. My husband of nearly 50 years still refuses to have a mobile phone so we keep the landline so he can still connect with family. I enjoyed your poem!


  2. Beverly Crawford

    …and wouldn’t all of us whose fathers have passed on to what comes after like to have a sit-down chat with them just one more time!



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