One Bison, One Skunk (Close Encounters)


IMG_1214 (2)


Sherry, over at earthweal, asks “Have you had an encounter with or a visitation from a wild creature?”. Here’s a couple….

Old Bull Bison

an old bull bison,
morning, Yellowstone

(still dark)

caught, out on the move
in the headlights glow

the arc

of life turning down
no seed to be sown

no spark.


IMG_1213 (2)



struts across the lawn
with a cleric’s confidence
tail cocked, sphincter primed

20 thoughts on “One Bison, One Skunk (Close Encounters)

  1. Sherry Marr

    I can see the bison, in Yellowstone, in the early morning. I can see, even more clearly, and with delight, the skunk strutting “with a cleric’s confidence……sphincter primed.” How perfect!

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  2. sarahsouthwest

    Such different pieces. The first one has a morning mistiness, the second – well, I only know skunks from Bambi – and, of course – Pepe le Pew. The swagger seems about right.


  3. kim881

    I enjoyed both encounters, Jim, with animals I have never come across in real life, but your poems painted clear pictures for me. I love the way the isolated lines rhyme in ‘Old Bull Bison’, capturing the movement ‘in the headlights glow’, and the brevity of the one with the skunk,, cheeky critter – I love that it has a ‘cleric’s confidence’!



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