The stars are out
luminescence rises
from the surface of the pond
I think of Tommy
Tommy Tumescent and the Hard-Ons
yes you could say
they were big in the fifties
yes you could say
they rose to stardom in the fifties
all pompadour and pointy toe
and to counter this puerile nonsense
I also think of iridescence

This is one from the past, Taking part in Open Link Weekend over at earthweal


9 thoughts on “Luminescence

  1. Eilene Lyon

    Reminds me of the fictional band my 8th grade boyfriend invented (complete with a drawing): Billy Joe Jock and the Vibrating Dildos.😆 That should add some luminescence to your life.😉

    Oh, I tried my hand at some poetry in my blog today.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      That boyfriend had quite the imagination, I’m sure he became very successful, some of us never completely lose our inner eighth grade self!
      Will check out that poetry!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Brendan

    Hey, I played in a band in the late 70s called Slick Richard. Doncha know. All that tumescence became botched evanescence. Retro has a gleam which is eternal …



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