Is Joe?

Is Joe
the rainbow
after the storm
the light
at the end of
the tunnel
the bar man
who will create
a cocktail
that is better
than the current mix
of braggadocio and bile,
garnished with a licorice stick
of lies, the Orange Russian?
Is he the man
to drive the sedan of democracy
straight down the middle of the road
to remind us of what
we used to regard as order?
Or does he have to be that?
It would be enough to be
the ornament on the hood
of that sedan,
because the thing is
he doesn’t have to be the thing
others can take care of the thing
he just needs to be
a symbol of the thing.
Is Joe
the rainbow
after the storm
the light
at the end of
the tunnel?
Jesus, I hope so.

The challenge from Brendan over at earthweal is “Write about storms and rainbows from whatever vantage seems most appropriate to you.”

10 thoughts on “Is Joe?

  1. Sherry Marr

    I hope so, too. Bernie is the strong voice we need, so I, too, hope he is a strong presence. But intelligence and decency go a long way, at this point. Plus Joe knows how government works, and that he is there to serve. Four more years of trump and everyone in the country will be bankrupt.

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  2. sarahsouthwest

    I really hope you’re right. We all have skin in America’s game. Once you go down that populist route it’s really hard to turn things round. Some really nasty demons have been unleashed on both sides of the Atlantic.

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  3. earthweal

    So much we hope Joe will be, knowing what we can’t breathe without for much longer. So much riding on that hope (how could it ever succeed?)–a haunting faith but how else are we gonna pray, these days? PS this song about a different Joe should be playing on the jukebox of the bar which serves such cocktails: – Brendan

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