The Altar of Zoom (Is there Virtue in Virtual Mass)

The Altar of Zoom

God is now on Zoom
but his microphone is muted
some would say
and I don’t dispute it
that his microphone has been muted
for quite some time now
okay, don’t have a holy cow
that was a joke
but honestly it’s been a while
since he spoke
those proxy sermons
from earnest priests
hardly count
they can’t hold a holy candle to
they don’t have the heft, the clout
of his greatest hit
the Sermon on the Mount
yep, that’s the big one
voted top sermon of all time
by the folks at Rolling Stone
a hard one to follow
one that stands alone.

Taking part in Open Link Night over at dverse

25 thoughts on “The Altar of Zoom (Is there Virtue in Virtual Mass)

    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Thanks Sarah and a belated happy new year to you. Thanks for the Advent calendar project, really enjoyed reading such a diverse group of poets and styles.


  1. kim881

    Perhaps He could type a few thoughts in the chat bar, the one where people without a microphone make themselves known. I love your ironic tone, Jim – you’ve made my day!


  2. robtkistner

    Interesting perspective Jim, and well meaning piece you’ve written here. Love the wit and humor. Being agnostic I have a hard time blaming god for human arrogance, greed, and stupidity. Our inability to live in balance with our world and our fellow humans is why we are spiraling out of control. I did an entire file dump of my perspective in my comment on Kate’s calmkate site, so having burdened her, I will not repeat it here at your expense. We humans have sooooo much to learn about living in balance, and I am not sure, even with sll the well meaning sermons in the world, not sure we ever will — because we don’t listen. Just my humble opinion, and you know what they say about opinions…



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