Hacienda Merida (Edit)

Hacienda Merida

It’s 5 AM and still dark as the lake
When the rooster starts his clownish complaint.

He is quickly joined by the village dogs,
The gecko on the wall behind the bed
Birds and more birds

And finally Fiona the donkey
Whose hoarse and outraged heehaw
Signals she is not ready for another day

Tethered to a pole in fickle shade.

This in response to Sherry’ s prompt over at earthweal : “For this week’s challenge, speak for animals, or let the animals speak.

8 thoughts on “Hacienda Merida (Edit)

  1. Sherry Marr

    Oh I would LOVE a morning that starts out that way!!!!! When I lived at my sister’s, I had some of it – horses neighing, neighbour rooster crowing, woodpecker pecking the tin roof……..I so enjoyed this poem, Jim. Was slow getting here – you must have gotten some of our storm – our power was out all day till 7:30 p.m.



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