Ted’s less than Excellent Adventure (quadrille)

Ted’s less than Excellent Adventure

thousands of turtles
are stunned by the cold
off the Texas Coast,
the lights go out,
the lone star flickers,
Republicans tilt at windmills.
Ted Cruz flees to Mexico
but returns prematurely
after a less than excellent adventure
chastened, but still oilier than thou.

The challenge over at dverse is to write a 44 word poem (quadrille) incorporating the word “go”.

20 thoughts on “Ted’s less than Excellent Adventure (quadrille)

  1. msjadeli

    Great poem, Jim. I saw a youtube the other day where FOX news is interviewing him and coddling him like he’s “poor baby made a boo boo.” Of course he responded oilier than all get out. A blogmate of mine who lives in TX (but a native Canadian) said that part of the reason for the power being out so long is that TX, being the independent place that it is has refused to link up with any other states in case of just such an emergency.

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