Names ( Slimverse-The Journey, Episode 1)


those that can

stand alone

those that can’t


Looking back now to 2016 when the above was written, it’s hard to believe that slimverse was once an obscure 12 syllable (3-3-3-3) verse form, standing in the shadow of its older sibling, the seventeen syllable (5-7-5) haiku. Now, it’s 2021, year 2 in the age of Covid and slimverse is, well, still  an obscure 12 syllable (3-3-3-3) verse form, standing in the shadow of its older sibling, the seventeen syllable (5-7-5) haiku. The above masterpiece was composed by Slim (Volume) and I in the early hours of the morning following “the Poet’s Circle” Christmas Party which was held at the Accomplished Poet’s house.  It was a fun-filled night of poetic over-indulgence and excess. The Accomplished Poet (an avid gardener) read a poem about pruning as a metaphor for the editing process involved in writing  a poem, it was tortuous but accomplished. The Upper Case Poet had a minor shoving match with our newest and youngest member, the editor of an edgy E-zine called “Capslock Off” – no prizes for guessing what the argument was about. Slim hung around the buffet all night like a dog that had come across a bag of pork chops while walking in the woods, then later insisted that he had an invented a new word : “tumultaneous” – when tumultuous events occur simultaneously. He was met with benign indifference. But that was all back when Slim and I were in each other’s pockets before our estrangement, our parting of the ways, but more about that later…….

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20 thoughts on “Names ( Slimverse-The Journey, Episode 1)

  1. msjadeli

    when it’s good
    it’s good, when
    it’s not, it’s
    blue bollocks

    sorry for
    the hyphen
    in sponta-
    neous. ha!

    love at first
    try, thanks for
    making my
    tonight bright

    Can’t wait to hear more about Slim.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ingrid

    How do I get into the Poet’s Circle, please? I haven’t had anything published in ‘Vapid’ in quite a while so I may have to brush up on pruning my metaphors…


  3. Sherry Marr

    That sounds like a very fun party! The form would be challenging for a wordy person like me – prone to hyphens, lol. I loved this post.


  4. kim881

    I see you went back to 2016, Jim, which I did before I carried on to 2017 for the poem I linked up today. Thank you for the background to slimverse and the playful example. I confess to admiring a well-placed hyphen!


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