Myron’s Dog.

Myron’s Dog

After Myron’s dog died
he experienced
what he would later come to call:
A Failure of Optimism.

It wasn’t just the loss of his dog
it was the pandemic, the anti-vaxxers,
the placards, the protests,
the rabid mobs.
He began to think in movie titles, book titles:
Dawn of the Dumb Ass
The Age of Idiocy
The Death of Logic.

And it wasn’t just the anti-vaxxers
It was Texas and its abortion legislation
Patriarchy’s Second Wind
The Great White American Male
coming up for air
spouting an acidic spume
of piss, vinegar and self-righteousness.

And it wasn’t just Texas
it was Afghanistan
the rise of the Taliban
the fall of Kabul
Welcome to The Fundament of Fundamentalism!
Hey Mister Taliban
Daylight comes and everybody wants to leave home.

And then one morning
Myron woke up,
walked out the door
and got himself another dog.
Some things can be fixed.

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19 thoughts on “Myron’s Dog.

  1. Ron.

    I had a dog once. Even with the leftovers, it only fed the three of us twice. Then we had to go back to the pound for another one.
    Regarding your poem, though: you capture the present perfectly & leave me wishing that merely sharing my day with a dog (or any non-human animal) could actually fix it.
    Wonderful work. Thanks.


  2. msjadeli

    Jim, you have a way of putting the truth out there in a digestible way. You’re right, we can remain consumed by the negative that appears to be having its way with the world, or we can accept that’s the way things are now and get on with what joy we have left to find. It doesn’t mean we don’t care, it’s just that there are some things out of our scope of control. The AA prayer comes to mind.


  3. Suzanne

    I can understand Myron’s disillusionment with the world and am glad he found his way to getting another dog. Sometimes these days we just have turn away from the mayhem out there and tend to our own well being. I loved the way you summed up the crazy idiocy of much that is occurring at present.

    Liked by 2 people


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