The Stolen Reindeer

The Stolen Reindeer

Last year, just before Christmas
someone stole a reindeer from our front yard
we took it hard
we took it hard.

We checked our neighbors’ security cameras
we drove around in our car
we shook our fists at random strangers
we took it hard
we took it hard.

Then Christmas morning dawned bright and clear
and when we looked out on our snow-blessed lawn
the reindeer it was there!

Naw, just kidding
this is not that kind of poem.

4 thoughts on “The Stolen Reindeer

  1. Steve Simpson

    Always amusing and enjoyable, Jim. I’m just echoing to WP these days, BTW. Best wishes for the festive season and 2023. 🧡💚💛 Hope your current reindeer, if there is one, makes it through the night.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      And a belated happy new year to you, Steve. Hope all your projects are going well. And yes, my remaining reindeer made it through Christmas, mainly because I never got around to taking it of the box!

      Liked by 1 person


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