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Christmas Cheer (quadrille)

sitting on the fence 2 (2)

Christmas Cheer

cell phone rings
you’re not listening
you left it in the Fox and Vixen
on top of the cistern
in the stall
beside the condom machine
it started with one beer,
some Christmas cheer,
now you can’t recollect
what it is that you regret.


response to dVerse prompt from whimsygizmo, to write a quadrille (44 word poem) incorporating the word “cheer”.



When asked if the melon is ripe

The girl behind the counter at the Chinese-Canadian Deli

Sniffs the pale green globe, shakes her head

And pointing to a small beige circle, says:


This is the melon’s bottom

The melon is ripe,

When the bottom smells sweet.


While outside,

The Christmas traffic

Stalls on Dunbar Street.


Photo: Sitting on the Fence (2)