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The Low November Sun (Chapter 2 in which Slim writes another poem about nature)


Slim came to me with this one, apparently he has taken up bird watching.

The Low November Sun

The low November sun
hits the silver birches
and the cherry tree
sending the bush tits
and the black-capped
into a flitting frenzy
Who pulled the alarm?
Which one is my nest?
Where did I leave that worm?

Followers of this blog will, of course, remember Slim’s only other attempt at a poem about nature:

Nature Poem

you call your

self a tree?

my bank has

more branches.


Rialto Beach Re-Mix (a double Slim)

Rialto Beach Re-Mix

a glabrous

sea, a plinth

of severed

head land sulks


limp waves like


men, collapse,

on the shore.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to nature poetry Slim is no William Wordsworth or Seamus Heaney, but he has on occasion opened a gate or jumped a fence to commune with Mother Nature, as can be seen above. Here is another example:

Nature Poem (Reprise)

you call your

self a tree

my bank has

more branches.