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Love in Front of the Camposanto (Hell ain’t what it used to be)

The Camposanto has been called one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world….hang on a second, what’s happening on the front lawn..

IMG_0395 - Copy

What are they up to and why is no one paying attention? Maybe because they are doing this ..


and this….


Meanwhile , inside the Camposanto, all is quiet..


Hang on….IMG_0394 - Copy.JPG

Let’s take a closer look…


What in Hell’s name is that devil doing, is he actually excreting lost souls?? Some one should tell that couple out on the lawn to stop what they are doing or else this could be their fate!

Notes: Most of the frescoes inside the Camposanto were all but destroyed by allied bombing in 1944. They are now undergoing restoration.

From Wikipedia:

“Despite these common depictions of Hell as a place of fire, some other traditions portray Hell as cold. Buddhist – and particularly Tibetan Buddhist – descriptions of hell feature an equal number of hot and cold hells. Among Christian descriptions Dante‘s Inferno portrays the innermost (9th) circle of Hell as a frozen lake of blood and guilt.”

A Hell that has frozen over.