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Bones of Contention 2 (poem)

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Bones of Contention

Bones to pick
bones to chew on
Anderson, Chris and Don
but there are no metrics to measure by
so the discussions drag on and on
and the screen splits into two heads
and the screen splits into four heads
and the screen splits into eight heads
a pundit arrives
a pundit leaves
a pundit gets indignant
a pundit gets emotional
a pundit gets that gotcha smirk
there is talk of smoke and fire
there not been one without the other
and I see this distraction of pundits
this deflection of pundits
this confusion of pundits
standing looking at the horizon
across an open plain,
oblivious, while behind them
Rome burns.

Thesaurus Rex (Re-mix)

Thesaurus Rex

Rex Murphy, Thesaurus Rex

scold of left and right,

contrarian curmudgeon,

Christopher Hitchens lite.


Rex, you dazzle and perplex

lamenting this, that, the state of the nation

in your orotund hands, an after dinner stroll

becomes a post-prandial perambulation.


Rex Murphy is a pundit on the CBC’s nightly news program, the National, which is one of the last old school news programs, complete with paternal anchor man, Peter Mansbridge, and nightly panels of intelligent people who don’t shout at each other.