Faint Praise (Lai 2)



Faint Praise (Lai 2)

the lay of the land
a bird in the hand
stock phrase
a saint of a man
always been a fan
faint praise
something on your mind
that can’t be defined

It’s time for another verse form over at dVerse, this one is called a “Lai”; learn all about it here.

This is my second attempt. Not sure about this one.

12 thoughts on “Faint Praise (Lai 2)

  1. Beverly Crawford

    Now I’m inspired to perhaps try another. This is immensely clever … and deserves more than faint praise!!


  2. Jane Dougherty

    Maybe it’s because although they have the right number of syllables the lines don’t flow as well as in your first attempt. It’s the stress thing.
    Just a nudge, but I think all the long lines are supposed to have the same rhyme, not just the couplets. That’s what makes it so bloody difficult!


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Hi Jane, thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. Just a note re the rhyme scheme, I’m aware that the long lines all have to have the same end rhyme. I was attempting to use slant rhyme as per Grace’s recent post ….land, man, mind… although I admit “define” is stretching it a bit!😋



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