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A Lai for Bob

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A Lai for Bob 

adenoidal snarl
it’s about a girl


but sometimes, the world
and how it turns, or


it’s a frantic swirl
of images, words

let fly

with venom and spite
an angry prophet


but he’s more than that:
clown, joker, poet,

snide sage

in a feathered hat
an imp at sunset



( a few notes on the form – each verse in a lai has nine lines arranged in groups of three; each group contains a couplet of 5 syllable lines and a single 2 syllable line; the rhyming pattern is aab aab aab; each verse can have different end rhymes but the pattern must be the same, for example…ccd ccd etc. I have been a bit loose with what constitutes a rhyme , so this poem is sort of lai-based, but I have tried to maintain consistency in terms of vowels and/or consonants.
For more detailed discussion on the form, check out here )

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Lai Ability


Ah, well……the challenge over at dVerse is to write a lai or a lai nouveau.  I read the rules for the lai nouveau and they are so complicated I am afraid I might vanish up my own arse if I tried one….so here’s another lai…(re the rhymes, I have tried to keep the same vowel sound in the couplet end rhymes).



struts across the lawn
in the early dawn

tail high

sphincter primed, that gland
full of mercaptan

stands by

an insurance plan,
deterrent, demand…..