Pivot (Pandemic Postcard)


At one point
back in the middle of the pandemic,
or what he thought was the middle,
Slim grew tired of the word pivot.
He proclaimed to anyone who would listen
that if heard that word again
he would vomit.
He became obsessed with lesser known words
like spigot, argot, davit, grommet.
But secretly he wished
that he could, yes,


pick a life
go out

live it.

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17 thoughts on “Pivot (Pandemic Postcard)

  1. hedgewitch

    We live in a culture that turns words into big flashcards that then become nauseatingly banal and overused. I currently am extremely tired of the word “mild.” This resonated for me. Wry and full of nuance.


  2. Brendan

    Maybe an infectious disease expert should have explained there are no rivets in pivots. (PS Me, I hear anyone say they want to talk it to the next level and I want to shiv it.)


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  4. lillian

    So late to the reading of the final posts to OLN. Apologies.
    Oh YES…..I can certainly relate to this and I’m sure many can as well!
    Funny how under certain circumstances, certain words become thee vernacular of the day.

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